Borjomi – Khertvisi - Vardzia
Borjomi – Khertvisi - Vardzia
Cave town Vardzia is one of the most important and impressive historic monuments in Georgia,
founded in XII century. Vardzia is located at the altitude of 1300 meters above the sea
level, at the height of 100 meters from the foothills of the Erusheti Mountain in southern Georgia;
it goes up for half a kilometer and used to have as many as 13 floors. The floors were connected 
by a complex system of tunnels. Vardzia complex had living quarters, refectories, barns, wine 
storing facilities (marani), stables, drugstores and libraries. The town had potable water supply 
and a sewerage system.    
Khertvisi fortress 10thcentury. The fortress was built on a rocky mountain at the junction of 
Artaani Mtkvari ana Javakheti Mtkvari Rivers.  A small church church located in the central part of 
the fortress had been turned into ruins but was reconstructed in 2000.
Borjomi - is a resort town in south-central Georgia. The town is famous for its mineral 
water industry (which is presently the number one export of Georgia) Visit Borjomi Park. 
Mineral water tasting. 

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Borjomi – Khertvisi - Vardzia